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PicoWheel: a DIY racing wheel, with accelator, brake and Up-Down gear

What is this?

This is a racing wheel, that has foot pedals for accelator and brake and can work on any game as long as it supports an Xbox360 controller.

What is it made of?

This Racing wheel was made using parts lying around in my home ( Except the foot pedal, i bought them but they are very cheap) . The Pico Wheel runs on a Raspbery Pi Pico, the rotation of wheel is interphased by Potentiometers. The Code is written in Circuit Python. Refer to to get the HID library and setup Circuit Python.


IMPORTANT: The Buttons numbers aren’t the same as the once refrenced in the code. Button number in the picture above are to only highligh where I attached buttons on PicoWheel


The code is given below. First read through all the comments. Undestand the Calibration-debug process. Then save it as “” on your pico.

Then Run it. Perform CALIBRATION TEST 1.

Got to the Top of the code and change “debug” to True. Save it as “” and run it. Close the editor and Perform “Set-Up on PC”

Set-Up on PC

Get the app called X360ce at Install it, run it as Administrator.

Click “add”

Click on “CircuitPython HID” device, then click add selected device.

On this page:

Click the right trigger, press accelator. Do the same with left trigger and press brake.

Put your cursor on the left joystick

and click the left arrow, then move your wheel towards the left.

Then set up your gear up and down. Simply click any button on gamepad and press that button on your wheel. EXCEPT the OFFSET Buttons.

Fire up your game and YOU are good to go.

Feel free to contact me if there are any mistakes or you need any help. For immideate help contact me at


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