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Voice Assistant Extention for “Smart Table”

The code links are at the bottom.

The Smart Table shown in the prevous post was quite nice, but it was something for “fun” and not something I can use for my day-to-day life.

I had an idea. I always had trouble in some of my lessons, especially 2nd and 3dh language lessons in school. I did not know the meanings of a lot of things, and it was always a trouble to translate it every 5 mins. So i though that I should make a simple voice assistant that would just translate sentences to a desired language.

I had done this previously when I made a messenger bot , which was quite impractical for a 1 to 1 conversation, but if the bot added in a group was very helpful. It was a hobby project. one of the functions it offered was “translate”, all you had to type to the bot was “\translate <text> <destination_lang>” for e.g. “\translate this is a pen polish.”

I just had to do something pretty similar.

So first I used the voice recognition library for python and initialized it. Then stored the text it listened from the mic to variable <string> with name “cmd”.

then i used an if statement to check if, what i said started with “translate”. If it did, I saved the text after “translate” to a variable , then i took the last word from the orignal text i said, which would be a language name. Then i’d delete the last word from the toTranslate Variable as that was the language name.

if cmd.startswith("translate"):
    toTranslate=cmd.split("translate ",1)[1]
    toTranslate=seperator.join((toTranslate.split(" ")[:-1]))

I just passed the toTranslate and toLang variable to the “translate” library.

The next problem I encountered was that I was not able to use my mic in 2 places (the script and my online lessons) and if i did try to use it, the script would be prioritized and it would turn of my speakers off also. So using a wake word was also out of the window as that required constant mic attention.

So what I did was , i had a infrared sensor and attached it to the bottom of my Desk, so I can use my leg as a trigger to activate the voice assistant and so my speakers won’t work only for a second or two. I attached it to my arduino.

sensor not triggered
sensor triggered
The Arduino of the Smart Table.

So that was done, it was very easy, i thought i might as weel add a few more functions.

So these are the funtions I added:

  • Google Search
  • Website open
  • Synonym finder
  • English Dictionary
  • Calculator
  • Smart Table Led Color changer (supported colors are : red, blue, green, magenta, yellow, and cyan)
  • a simple repeat afte me
  • and a “close tab” function , which would emulate CTRL+W .

These were all that I needed. And I just use if/elif/else statements as the functions had to be limited and an ML model would be overboard and impractical.

Currently I am working on more fuctions that would automate a few things.

The link to the code:


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